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We are specialists is steel, titamium and tungsten jewelry.

We've found best manufacturers in the world to offer you best available jewelry at competitive prices from all over the world! Brands presented in our store are from USA, Poland, Great Britain, Thailand, China and Ukraine. So that shopping could be easier we decided to offer free worldwide shipping for all orders. Though airmail will take usually around 2 weeks for delivery it's worth the wait. You order will be shipped from Kyiv, Ukraine (Europe).

Please take a look at our fine selection of fashion jewelry. Our favourite are steel rings. They really fanastic and price is the best, metal is absolutely hypoallergic and will never darken or oxidise. Steel bracelets often made with rubber. It makes weight of product lighter so it's more comfortable to wear and black color combined with steel look really nice. Steel chain is really good choice as you can wear it without problem in a shower and while at sea.

Titanium jewelry is liked bacuse of very light weight and durability. It is harder to scratch and it's very cofortable to wear. Titanium rings are so lite that you don't feel them at all.

Tungsten is famous for it's scratch resistance. This is hardest metal compund on Eearth! It's impossible to scratch in everyday life. Tungsten ring will look exactly like the day you've bought it even in 50 years! Very few thing can damage tungsten jewelry, dimond for instance.

Despite steel, titanium and tungten jewelry we have great choice of fashion jewelry from other materials as this metals are very hard in craftmanship. Please take a look at our catalog and you will find something for yourself or for a present to your loved ones.

We have really big choice of man jewelry, piercing and women fashion jewelry.

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